The mission of the 21st Century Coalition is to ensure that our nation continues to enjoy a robust and efficient postal system:  the best in the world.  Given the enormous scale of jobs and businesses dependent upon, and the very difficult state of the finances of, the Postal Service, achieving our mission entails:  1) supporting and working toward restoring financial stability to the nation’s postal system; 2) doing so by advocating legislation that would contribute to or accomplish such financial stability; 3) impacting and supporting change in the postal system to the extent necessary to continue the drive to be efficient and cost-effective in an era of substantially reduced volume, yet function in the superior manner on prices, processing and service for all classes and categories of mail it has traditionally displayed; and 4) creating broad awareness on Capitol Hill and in the Administration, as well as among conventional and online media, as appropriate, of the indispensable role USPS continues to play in the nation’s commerce and communications, and the jobs and business it supports.
Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service - View from inside mailbox with someone checking the mail