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The Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service advocates and supports the Postal Service through outreach and communications to engage the public on the importance of a healthy and viable postal system. Without action by Congress, the Postal Service’s deteriorating financial condition and pending regulatory action could dramatically increase postage costs. Rate increases above the rate of inflation would not be sustainable and drive even more mail volume and revenue from the Postal Service.
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Help us make sure the post office continues to deliver EVERYWHERE. Access to affordable, reliable mail delivery is critical to those of us who live in rural areas. Without action by Congress, higher postage rates and diminished service could damage this lifeline. Waiting til next year may be too late – the damage from higher rates may well not be able to be undone.
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Let’s make sure our kids and grandkids get to experience that too. H.R. 756 will ensure that the Postal Service can deliver meaningful connections with friends and family for decades to come. The Postal Service provides special moments and personal connections to loved ones to all Americans everywhere, every day. Please support H.R. 756, The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017.
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In order to keep our mail service strong, please ask your Representative to support The Postal Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 756). Below is a brief overview:

HR 756 is a Responsible Approach to Financially Stabilizing USPS And Should Be Approved on the House Floor.

The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017, HR 756, offers a responsible, bipartisan approach to financially stabilizing one of the nation’s fundamental assets, the Postal Service, which is in dire financial straits.  HR 756 does not resort to a bailout; on the contrary, it strengthens the bulwark against a bailout, and keeps the Postal Service self-sustaining.  This bill received a ringing affirmation in an overwhelming bipartisan voice vote, with but a lone dissenter, in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee on March 16.  It should be brought to the House Floor, and approved, as quickly as possible.

Mailers of every kind and every size, and their suppliers, broadly represented by the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service (C21), with collective sales at $1.4 trillion annually and some 7.5 million jobs located in every state and all congressional districts, find this bill’s approach both sensible and constructive because:

  • The Postal Service receives no taxpayer funds; it is supported entirely by the purchase of postage and fees for services.  HR 756 will assure that does not change;
  • HR 756’s core financial provisions require the integration of postal retirees into Medicare, and a one-time increase in postal rates of 2.15%.  These two provisions will assure the elimination of virtually confiscatory multi-billion-dollar annual payments by USPS to prefund postal retirees’ health costs, while fully continuing retiree health care. By itself, this step will relieve a huge portion of the liabilities imperiling postal solvency;
  • A financially stressed mailing community (the paper, printing, periodical and catalog industries, among others, have been badly damaged over the past decade) will nonetheless reluctantly accept the one-time increase in rates, provided that Medicare integration occurs and the increase remains no higher than 2.15%;
  • These same stressed industries face a reevaluation and possibly fundamental change to the postal rate setting system this year.  Unless this bill or something like it is enacted, mailers could face utterly unaffordable double-digit increases, driving far more mail out of the system and imperiling USPS as we know it.
  • HR 756 would sustain USPS solvency, and put it on a sound financial track, without one dollar of taxpayer funding.  With resolution of the retiree health pre-funding overhang, it removes some $50 billion in USPS future liabilities.  In other words, it moves the Treasury much farther from a bailout; and
  • Sustaining USPS, without resort to a bailout, would achieve a significant goal of all concerned stakeholders, including the Congress.  Notwithstanding a rate increase that is undesirable and downright painful to many in the industry, it is willing to kick in this share to preserve this still indispensable communications, distribution and transactional national asset.