Business Community Applauds Postal Service Emergency Assistance Act

July 2, 2020 Because the U.S. Postal Service has kept delivering through the pandemic, it’s easy to overlook that the economic ramifications of COVID-19 ripped through it, leading to a sharp decline...

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Call on Congress to Deliver COVID Relief Funds to USPS

May 1, 2020 "‘The Postal Service is the backbone of businesses large and small in America, and must endure,’ states the letter."...

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Rescue U.S. Postal Service with Coronavirus Relief Package

March 31, 2020 "Companies Say $25 Billion in Support & Debt Restructuring is Crucial to Keeping Essential Postal Services Flowing through the Summer & Warn that USPS Collapse would Hurt All Americans,...

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Business Community Responds to USPS Task Force Report

December 6, 2018 Recommendations Likely to Make the Situation Worse for Prices, Services & Affordable Access; Focus Should be on Reforming the Prefunding of Retiree Benefits ...

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